Vera de Estenas White

Most mar tenyleg szohoz sem jutok… Ettol mar csak az lett volna meg zsenialisabb, ha felkeressuk a szoleszetet es boraszatot is, de ezuttal nem fert bele a programba. Hatha lesz meg ra alkalom :) Egyebkent meg egy tokeletesen frissito szaraz feher bor :-)

”A young white.

Perfectly climatised to our region, the Macabeo grape, blended with the subtlety of the Chardonnay, unfolds into a fresh young white wine of great fruitiness.

A clear bright yellow wine with an intense floral nose filled with fresh fruit. Light, complex and lively in the mouth followed by a long finish.”

Vera de Estena Winery

Vera white wine

Egeszsegere mindenki masnak is a nevemben – szo szerint! :D


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