La crisis española desde un punto de vista diferente

For those who when heard the word ‘crisis’ have automatically tended to associate it with Spain and for those who are interested in Spain anyway :-) Luckily, Spain is not all about the crisis! Not even all about football! And especially not all about the Macarena song :-) It’s a lot more than these things! Spain actually has the 2nd highest tourism revenue in the world! Second only to the United States! Only last year the country has had 57million visitors, more than its population which is only 46million! And that figure is very likely to increase even higher the next year! Did you know that 30% of its energy consumption comes from renewable energies?! That it’s the No1 leading country in installed solar energy and the 4th largest in using wind energy?! The below video keeps on sharing a lot more other interesting facts about Spain you may have not known until now! As always, all it takes to see things differently is to shift your perception :)


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