Pentek esti jazz a Once in a Blue jazz barban

Hejj de jól is végződik egy hosszú munkás hét, ha az ember egy jazz bárban heverheti ki fáradalmait, élvezheti az élő zenét, miközben sajttálról csipeget, egy kellemes vörös chile-i táraságában :—)

Once in Blue Moon – Jazz Bar
” A live jazz club in happening Cheongdam-dong modelled on the Blue Moon bars in the States. Expect an eclectic mix of musical styles from original jazz and swing, to bebop and fusion, played by local musicians who may look like they should be on mandolins but are as expert on strings and brass as their Chicago and New Orleans counterparts. The food is a pricey but top-class mix of French, Mexican and local dishes – try the lobster or the rib eye steak – and the drinks menu more than matches it for quality and quantity. Over 100 wines available and your cocktails are named after jazz musicians. A Dizzy Gillespie anyone? Sounds strangely appropriate after you’ve had a few.”

Mindenkinek ajánlom a helyet, aki szereti a jó zenét, jó kiszolgálást és jó hangulatot!


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