Mobility level in Hungary

Is the Hungarian working population flexible enough to venture abroad or rather staying home and sinking into provincialism? According to studies only 1-2% of the working population has decided to work abroad since Hungary has joined the EU. Although, there are no exact data but it is kinda obvious that mobility of the workers is relatively low in the country in comparison with other neighboring countries such as Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria or Romania. But to be fair, apart from the recent turmoil, economic situation is not as bad in Hungary as many people like to describe it.

Nevertheless, most Hungarians are reluctant even to move from one part of the country to another. They’re clinging to their properties and other belongings. Cutting off themselves from possible opportunities they create their own limitations. Most of them can’t help but staying where they grew up as they feel that’s the only place to where they belong for the rest of their lives.

On the other hand, language problem seems to be another reason of immobility. Tho, there are people whose professions go with certain level of language requirements so those people tend to be more flexible. And in those professions where there is a chance of finding suitable positions elsewhere than Hungary migration has already been taking place.

But above all things, it is vital that Hungarians realize that for the sake of the Hungarian economy as well as for their own good they need to be more open to the world, to take the opportunity that arises so as to avoid letting the country turn into an introverted and provincial nation. Hungarians should know what happens in the rest of the world and not only from news portals or newspapers as they might end up getting the wrong impression and make judgements by only what`s written in there. Saying that you have no option is usually just a convenient excuse to get out of it and make the blame on outer circumstances …
We are the ones who create our own limitations and we are the ones who can change that! The future depends on what we do in the present. Don’t throw your chances away! If you have the courage and stamina, get up and go to see & experience the World! There’s an amazing World out there that’s waiting for everyone of you :)))


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