Lunar New Year

Although you can feel Valentine`s still hanging in the air, next occasion to celebrate is just around the corner. Lunar New Year`s Day is this Sunday!
Thank God we get to celebrate New Year once again this year! These sort of events definitely make winter go a lot faster. And the best part is that we`re gonna have a long weekend! February is just flying by….
On the other hand, ever since Valentine`s day we don`t seem to have run out of rice cakes and redbean filled cookies in the office. Someone always keeps the stock filled up. The good news is that I`m also getting better digesting these bean stuff :) The bad news that not only the danishes and cookies are filled with sweet bean but some of the ricecakes  too :( Tho luckily you can hardly taste it in them due to their high level of sugar :D
…by the way, yesterday, I stayed a bit longer as I did not want to lose one of my `precious` CV searches that I made on and I just wanted to finish up reviewing all the CVs before I went home. So anyway, it was around 6:15pm when they turned to me and ask if I wanted to go for dinner with them??? me – Now??? them – There will be a lot of soju! me – Sooo??? (shouldn`t they have noticed by now that I’m not big fan of drinking soju) So sadly, I skipped this one too…Finally, they`d have left after 7pm and probably drunk until `who knows what time`…and for me to get home is more than an hour from here, plus it was already getting `late`, like dark late kkkk Next time, however, I can`t dodge another one too so I`ll go with the flow and show more flexibility.
Unfortunatelly, giving me any sort of notice as when they`d plan their next event is still not an option so it seems. They said 30 min notice the best offer they can provide. What can I do?
Nevertheless, chocolates have proved to be far the best means of bribery in this country :) So this morning I set off with special Hungarian chocolates that I was hiding on one of the top shelves at home.
There is one thing You should know about Koreans that there is no man, but I mean NONE in this country who would ever refuse chocolate, bonbons or any kind of sweets. `And thanks to the chocolate they have probably even forgiven me for not having participated in `this week nighty activities`.`

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