Elevator episode

The following episode took place in one of the elevators after lunch today.
We were all standing in front of the elevator waiting for it to come when two foreign faces showed up in the queue. One of my Korean colleagues jumped right out to greet them then they started chatting. Okay, I know, up until now, nothing unusual occurred. But all of a sudden, we realised that they were not speaking English but some other Eastern European language. As it turned out HS, my colleague, speaks fluent Polish and the two guys he was talking to were indeed from Poland! They’ve got some project they’re working on here in the headquarters.As it turned out later, HS majored in Polish linguistic and he lived in Poland for almost 2 years. It was funniest thing to hear a Korean speak a Slavic language a lot better than English!
Incredible things turn out every day but I’ve lost track of them so I can’t recall every single story…
Anyway, where was I? So we were in the elevator when the three of them were still chatting in Polish and all my peers were looking HS enviously – but in a friendly way – and wished they could speak a unique language like him. Then they all turned to me begging to teach them a few words in Hungarian so they can show off with something special too :) So I taught them a few basics and now they’re very proud to say the followings: szia, sziasztok, magyar…this is as far as we could get during an elevator ride :)

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