World’s best Airport in 2006

Incheon named as world’s best airport for 2006 by travel magazine.
Korea’s Incheon International Airport has been named the World’s Best Airport for 2006 in a survey of airport standards conducted by a prestigious U.S.-based monthly travel magazine, an airport official said Wednesday . (Jan.24).
Incheon took the top spot in the annual survey conducted by Global Traveler magazine with its 14,000 readers via post-mails, faxes, e-mails and its website, according to the official of the Incheon International Airport Corporation.
Among competitors for the prize were Singapore Changi Airport, Heathrow Airport of the United Kingdom, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and Hong Kong International Airport.
“Incheon airport has swept various international prizes related to airport service and management since last year,” said Park Kun-hae, vice president of the airport company. “We’ll further improve the competitiveness of Incheon airport through the expansion of facilities, continued education on officials and a variety of marketing activities.”


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